In Scheveningen there is paid parking from Monday to Sunday. 

It is NOT possible to park in the street where the hotel is located (the Seinpostduin)!


At Scheveningen there is paid parking from Monday to Sunday. In the street where you can find the hotel, the Seinpostduin, it is NOT possible to park. If you park here anyway, the local authority will fine you directly during any check. Andante Hotel is not responsible for any parking fines you might receive if you park in the street (Seinpostduin) anyway.  

In the yellow marked streets, it is NOT possible to park. The following streetnames are included: Seinpostduin, Jongeneelstraat, Pellenaerstraat, Hartevetlstraat en Gevers Deynootweg (parking area in front of the ‘Oranjeflats’).

Option 1. Park+Sleep (Tip!)

For €12,50 per day.

Only 7 minutes away and a guaranteed a spot! You can reserve this parking place in advance. You can book a tram or taxi with it, or you can take the tram yourself and check in with your bank card. The latter only costs €1,30 per person per night and this is therefore an interesting option. 

When you book you will receive a detailed route description with navigation links to the car park, the hotel and the tram stops. 

Click here to reserve!

Option 2. Park Simply: Valet Parking

(Recommended by the Andante Hotel staff)

Every day you have the option to reserve valet parking. Click here for more information and/or to reserve. Or download the app on IOS or Android.

With this concept you discuss your day and time of arrival with Park Simply and meet at Andante Hotel. You drive to the hotel yourself and park your car temporarily right next to the hotel’s own parkinglot. This is where the driver of Park Simply will welcome you, do a check together, if necessary note already existing damage and will eventually park your car elsewhere.

On your day of check-out, please contact Park Simply at least 30 minutes beforehand and agree on a time at the hotel to pick up your car again.


Option 3. Private parking property

(Limited availability, not possible to reserve)

Parking tickets are available at the reception for € 22.50 per night, per car. Your car is parked on our own property until noon of the date of check-out. The car key must be left at the reception during the entire stay.

Please note that this option is valet parking, it is possible that the staff moves your car on the property. It is also not possible to use your car during your stay. 

We only offers parkingspots for regular passenger cars. We don't offer spots for buses, motorcyclus and scooters. 

Option 4. Parking garages Scheveningen

The parking garages in Scheveningen are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that it is not possible to reserve this at the reception at Andante Hotel. To reserve parking please click on the following link: Parking Scheveningen

- Interparking Boulevard - Strandweg 179
- ​​​​BKS Parking (outside) - Zwarte Pad - 2586 HZ Den Haag
- BKS Parking – Kurhaus – Gevers Deynootplein 189
- BKS Parking – Nieuwe Parklaan – Nieuwe Parklaan 248